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The world of mold testing and its accompanying terminology is confusing and the topic sometimes creates more questions than answers. Some of the most common mold testing questions are:

At, our goal is to educate you and help you find a mold testing and inspection contractor in your area. Throughout this site, you'll find useful information and valuable resources that will keep your home safe.

Mold Testing - A household mold test can help you sleep at night-provided your mold infestation is not in your bedroom. When you have mold in one area of your home, it's possible that the airborne mold spores from that infestation are floating around making the rest of your home unsafe to live in.

Mold testing tests the air quality in other areas of your home to make sure you do not need to evacuate. It is normal to find a small amount of airborne mold during a mold testing, but your mold testing contractor will let you know if your rooms harbor a more dangerous level.

Mold Inspections - A mold inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection of your home to look for mold. When you have a mold inspection, the inspector will examine all areas of your home with various tools and the resulting inspection report can include:

Mold inspections give much more than a definitive "yes" or "no" answer. They diagnose, plan and get you on the road to fixing the problem.

Black Mold Testing

Black Mold Testing

Mold comes in many colors; some have a faint blue tinge, others are green, and you may even see a brown or red mold. The most dreaded mold infestation to face in your home is one of black mold. Black mold (which has a very dark green tinge to it) is not always toxic, but when it is it can cause serious neurological disorders, lung and respiratory problems as well as irritable bowel syndrome.

Even if the black mold in your home is found to be non-toxic, leaving it without treatment can result in the growth of new and possibly toxic spores.

House Mold Testing

House Mold Testing

House mold sounds like a benign problem that homeowners should almost expect when they own a home. It's true, almost every home can have mold in it and new bathroom and shower cleansers are created constantly to battle this seemingly mundane problem.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether or not your mold is mundane without calling in a contractor to test your house mold. By measuring the mold in the air, taking samples for analysis and completing a visual scan of your home, your trained and experienced contractor can tell you if your house mold is safe-or dangerous.

Toxic Mold Testing

Toxic Mold Testing

The words, "Toxic Mold" leave little to the imagination. When a home is infested with toxic mold, it is a potentially fatal environment. Your family may begin experiencing symptoms of lung and respiratory disorders and you may start having headaches and memory loss. Toxic mold may look harmless and, although gross, may not strike you as a killer. Unfortunately, this is what makes it so dangerous.

Before you and your loved ones have inhaled too many airborne toxic mold spores, be sure to call in a mold testing contractor to find out what kind of mold you have.